"Muzikálový svět has been such a wonderful experience for my child! Not only have they learned acting and singing skills, but they have gained so much confidence and self-expression. They come home with a smile on their face every day, excited to share what they've learned. Thank you for creating such a magical and happy environment for young performers!"

Lily Anderson

"I can't say enough good things about Muzikálový svět. My daughter has always been shy and reserved, but since joining this theatre program, she has opened up and discovered a passion for singing and dancing. The teachers are incredibly talented and nurturing, and my daughter has made lifelong friends. Seeing her perform on stage with such confidence and joy brings tears to my eyes. This is truly a special place."

Max Smith


"Muzikálový svět is a place where my child's imagination comes to life. Through acting, singing, and dancing, they are able to express themselves and tap into their creativity. The teachers are amazing at fostering a love for the arts in a fun and supportive way. My child has grown so much in their skills and confidence, and I am so grateful for this program and the joy it brings to our family."

Sophia Nguyen

"As a parent, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your child happy and passionate about something. Muzikálový svět has given my child that happiness and passion through theatre. They have learned valuable skills, but more importantly, they have learned to believe in themselves and their abilities. Thank you to the talented and dedicated team at Muzikálový svět for making my child's dreams come true."

Oliver Williams